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Children must grow up in loving and safe environments

After long and careful consideration I decided to make a statement and clarify allegations made by Ms Mbuli, who is the mother of my children, in her article published April 26, 2021.

My stance has always been to not take intimate, private, family life, especially my children’s life; into public platforms. My priority is to protect them including protecting them from public scrutiny- at young ages.

Fatherhood is the strongest pillar in my life, an honour and a blessing which I take seriously. The information in the article was altered to gain public favour. Ms Mbuli was not at the said incident, and her telling of the events is incorrect and inaccurate.

I made the decision to teach my sons real-life consequences, in a safe and protected environment, that is my responsibility.

The boys have had many fights, some play fights, some serious ones, as all siblings do. They had been warned at previous dangerous fights about consequences to their actions, and what happens when you do something as serious that breaks the law. At one fight a digital tablet was shamed and broken. Facts; During the said fight, the one boy took a sharp dangerous knife (not a fork) and went after his brother. It was a serious and vicious fight. I did ask the police to come over and have the talk.

My son never felt unsafe, during or after the police visit. I was present the entire time, ensuring my son was spoken to calmly and fatherly. The environment was safe and controlled. I spoke with both of my boys afterwards and they apologised to each other, and to me.

The matter was resolved peacefully, as a family, and none of them wanted to flee due to trauma, as the article falsely reports.

I did not and still do not want my children's private lives on the internet and on public domains, but unfortunately we are here now. I will continue to keep my children's childhood safe and as private as I can because it is my responsibility to protect my children whilst raising them with love, into responsible men who will decide their own futures.

I have always been and I continue to be a present father to my boys. I love both my children equally and would never subject them to abuse of any kind.

I will not be painted with stripes I have not earned. I completely reject the implication of abuse in how I deal with my kids when my main priority is to protect them, to love them and to groom them into responsible members of society. My children, and all children, deserve and must grow up in loving and safe environments.

Sisanda Henna, June 2021

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