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Lionsgate, feature film, 2021 

Sisanda Henna recieves a Best Actor nomination at the New Vision International Film Festival in Amasterdam for his role in Rogue, an MJ Basset film by Lionsgate and Mannequin Pictures (South Africa) 

 Henna plays Pata an ex Al-Shabaab militant-turned-informant and helps the group of mercenaries track down the abducted school girls, but he has his own score to settle.


A battle-hardened mercenary Samantha O'Hara (Megan Fox) leads a team of soldiers on a daring mission to rescue hostages in remote Africa.  

Talent: Megan Fox, Sisanda Henna, Phillip Winchester, Jessica Sutton, Adam Deacon, Isabel Bassett, Brandon Auret, Greg Kriek

Production Company/ Producers: Molly Hassell, Capstone Pictures

Director: M.J. Bassett.      Writers: M.J. Bassett, Isabel Bassett.          Cinematographer: Brendan Barnes           Distributor/ Studios: M-Net, Showmax, Lionsgate,


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Lionsgate Publicity: Rogue Movie

IOL December 2019: Megan Fox joined by well know SA actors in new movie. 

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